Thermal Imaging

Greater New Orleans Thermal ImagingThermographers can help isolate the source of thermal anomalies quickly and easily. Detect missing insulation, energy loss around doors, windows and framing, and hidden moisture issues from leaking pipes or roofing without costly destructive testing. In addition, thermal imaging can identify worn bearings, overheated electrical switchgear components and connections, and faulty steam traps. We perform Qualitative and Quantitative Thermal imaging to help identify problems before they create unanticipated machine outages and costly production downtime. Book Our New Orleans Home Inspection Service 

One early warning sign of a malfunction in electrical and mechanical systems is excess heat. While invisible to the human eye, modern day infrared cameras are used to view the area in question and reveal temperature variations.

Moisture Detection in Walls and Ceilings – Thermal imaging is a great tool that can be used to identify moisture in walls, floors, and ceilings. By looking at the temperature differentials in a thermal image, the ability to find a moisture issue is greatly increased during a limited visual home inspection. Thermal image scanning can also help to quantify areas of moisture damage caused by moisture intrusions in Stucco and EIFS wall systems.

Moisture = Mold – Whenever you have the presence of moisture for 72 hours or more, the risk for the presence of mold skyrockets. With the help of an infrared camera and moisture meters, we can quickly identify the presence or absence of moisture, thus helping to identify areas where mold may be present.

Plumbing Home Inspections – A slow water leak can cause major damage if not detected in a timely manner. With a thermal scan in and around plumbing fixtures in the home, the source of water leaks can oftentimes be determined, which can really aide a professional plumber in the event repairs are needed. Once thermal anomalies are detected, we can then attempt to confirm the presence of moisture with a moisture meter. A thermal scan can significantly increase the odds of finding a plumbing issue that may not be detected with the naked eye.

Wood Destroying Insect Activity – In some instances wood destroying insect activity can be detected using this technology due to the heat given off by active infestations of insects i.e. termites. By discovering the presence of invasive wood destroying insects the appropriate professional can be contacted to do a more thorough investigation and treatment as necessary.

Energy Audits – Currently we do not perform energy audits, but thermal imaging has been a great tool to help us determine areas that are missing insulation along with areas that may not be as air-tight as they should be like around duct work. By finding areas such as these we can help our clients save money by mitigating heating and cooling
losses and increasing the overall energy efficiency of the structure.

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Flat Roof Inspections – Do you have a mid to new aged flat roof that has a leak and someone told you that you need a new roof? If so, call us first because we may be able to help pin-point the leak with our thermal camera and mark off the area for repair, which could save you a considerable amount of money. Obviously, if the roof is older it is probably best to bypass the thermal imaging and invest in a new roof.

Electrical Inspections – Whenever electrical current travels through a circuit there is some heat that is generated, but sometimes there isan abnormal amount of heat that can be generated if there is too much resistance or current flow. With the use of thermal imaging, we can increase our chances of finding electrical components that may be overheating such as: breakers in electrical panels, outlets, switches, lights, etc. Overheating or hot spots can be an indication that a component may be going out or that there is a potential fire hazard. Thermal imaging helps us to discover hazards like these and can help us see things that we could not see with the naked eye, thus helping to mitigate risk. Schedule your Greater New Orleans Thermal Imaging Home Inspection Today!

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